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Understanding the Helpdesk Load Report

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Understanding the Helpdesk Load report is very important. If you are like other businesses, this is probably the most commonly used report in your helpdesk as it allows you to completely analyze the load on your helpdesk from different angles. Understanding the Helpdesk Overview Report. 

In this report, tickets are displayed in four (4) different charts:

  • Trend by day, week, month, quarter and year
  • Ticket volume by days of the month
  • Ticket volume by days of the week
  • Ticket volume by hours of the day

Filtering the report

Filtering enables you to drill your data right down to specific criteria such as: 

  1. Specific date intervals 
  2. Ticket source
  3. Ticket priority
  4. Ticket type
  5. Agent group
  6. Customer, department and company

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Note: By default, only the last 30 days of data is displayed. You can change this by modifying the Start and End dates in the filtering menu.

Exporting data

Exporting your data in Trakdesk is quite easy and fun. You can literally click on each column of data that is displayed in the Trend by day, week, month and year chart and export only that portion of tickets. For example: Lets say you want to export all New Tickets for this current month. Simply select the Month option and click on the New Tickets column in the chart. All tickets will be displayed in the export tickets modal, you can preview the tickets by scrolling up and down before exporting them.  

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In addition, upon exporting, you can select the data that you would like to be exported such as:

  • Ticket #
  • Ticket subject 
  • Ticket description 
  • Ticket status 
  • Ticket priority
  • and many more... 

Note: After the data export request has completed, the report will be sent to you via Email

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