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Working as a helpdesk support agent can be extremely boring at times, especially on those days when you have customers asking you the same question over and over again. This just adds insult to injury especially when it's taking your time away from tackling the challenging tickets. What if there were a way for you to archive all commonly asked questions that will be readily available to you and other agents so you would not have to retype the message over and over again? 

With Trakdesk, you can easily add solutions for each commonly asked question and store them as Canned Responses which will be readily available to you and other agents to be reuse at any time with a single click.

Adding a canned response

  1. Login to you helpdesk as an administrator.
  2. Go to then Admin Page.
  3. Select the Canned Response option.
  4. Before you can add a canned response, you must add a Canned Response Category. However, if you have aready done so, you can skip this step. Image title
  5. To add a canned response category, click on the drop down menu at the Top Right of the page and select Add Category.
  6. Once the popup modal has opened, enter a unique name for the new category and click on the submit button. Image title
  7. After you have successfully added the canned response category, click on the drop down menu at the Top Right of the page and select Add Canned Response. Image title
  8. Now, enter a title and a body for the new canned response. You can also restrict the cananed response to specific groups of agents. Image title
  9. Click on the Submit button and that is all. The new canned response is ready to be used by your agents.

Inserting Placeholders

You can personalize your canned response with placeholders. This allows you to easily add dynamic content to each canned response you create so that your agents would not have to manually add the ticket subject, ticket URL, priority or any other ticket details to the email reply.

  1. To add placeholders to your canned response, click on the area where you would like the placeholder to be inserted.
    Side note: Placeholders can be inserted into both the email subject and body.
    Custom default ticket and requester custom fields are also supported in placeholders
  2. Then click on the Add Placeholders button.
  3. Once the popup modal has opened, select the placeholder that you would like to insert. On select, the popup model will auto close and the placeholder will be inserted.
  4. Image title

    Repeat this process to add multiple placeholders.
    Using canned responses when replying to tickets
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