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Setting up SPF for Trakdesk to send emails on behalf of your custom domain

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An SPF record is a type of Domain Name Service (DNS) record that identifies which mail servers are permitted to send email on behalf of your domain. 

Setting up an SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record will allow Trakdesk to send emails on your behalf. This is not required but is necessary if you are sending emails from your own custom email addresses.

Note: If you have already setup DKIM for your custom domain, our email provider (Sendgrid) will automatically manage both your DKIM and SPF records. This means you are not required to setup an SPF record in your DNS manager. Add authenticity to your custom email addresses by configuring DKIM

For example, if you have setup email forwarding as to where emails from (help@contoso.com) are being forwarded to your Trakdesk email address (help@contoso.trakdesk.com), you can authorize Trakdesk to send out emails and notifications as the originating email address, for example (help@contoso.com). This way you can preserve your brand and enhance emal delivery.

Setting up an SPF record

Setting up an SPF record for your custom domain is quite easy. Your system administrator knows how to do this. 

The follow steps are different based on your DNS provider. Please refer to your DNS provider documentation on how to do this.

  • Login to your DNS administration panel and add a new TXT record, and enter the following SPF record;
    v=spf1 include:arthur.trakdesk.com ~all
  • If you already have an SPF record setup and would like to add Trakdesk's SPF record to it. Example;
    v=spf1 include:mail.domain.com include:arthur.trakdesk.com ~all
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