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Customizing your ticket types and categories

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With Trakdesk custom list feature, you can completely customize your helpdesk ticket types and categories for your specific business needs. This allows you to efficiently manage your agents and ticket workflow. It can also be used to build in-depth reports and analytics about your helpdesk and customer demands. 

Default ticket types and their meaning

Incident and Problem - These ticket types are useful when a problem or service interruption is reported by multiple customers. For example, when the internet service in the office stops working, several customers might send in support tickets. You can treat these tickets as an incident.

Feature Request - This ticket type can be used when customers request's assistance for services that you do not offer. You can treat these tickets as feature request. Additionally, it can help you to build in-depth reports about your customer demands and assist you in making better business decisions.

Question - This ticket type can be used when customers submit tickets that do not require a resolution. For example, if a customer send in a ticket asking "how do i print a pdf document?", in most cases, you may reply to the customer with the simple steps on how to print a pdf document or, you may send the customer a link to a knowledge base article that explains in details the answer to their question. You can treat these tickets as a question.

Guide to adding a new ticket type

  1. Login to your helpdesk as an administrator.
  2. Go to the Admin Page.
  3. Select the Custom List option.
  4. Under the ticket section, click on Type.
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  5. Click on the Add More button at the bottom of the page.
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  6. Enter a name for the new ticket type and click on the Save Changes button once you are finished adding all of your ticket types.
  7. You are done, your team should now be able to use the new ticket types that you have added.
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